Cyber Security to Protect You, Your Clients and Your Suppliers

We can help you understand potential threats and provide systems to remove the threat of cyber attack to help keep your business safe. To find out more call Buzz A Geek today.

Cyber Security Services You Can Rely On, at Buzz A Geek

Customer data is a business’s biggest asset. But it is also where the most significant threat lies. As technology becomes more sophisticated, hackers have more potential to access data maliciously posing a significant risk to your business and your clients. In our ever-evolving digital world, an ineffective cyber security strategy has the potential to impact businesses of all size.

Whether you’re a sole trader of one or own a global company, if customer data is held in any way online, you have a professional obligation to keep details safe and secure by removing all opportunity for a sophisticated cyber attack. At Buzz A Geek, our tried-and-tested business cyber security services provide peace of mind that your customer data is fully protected.

What cyber security threats do our services protect against?

Hackers are continually finding new and innovative ways to exploit insecure systems. Our services will help cover every stage of potential and existing attacks including preparing, protecting, responding and repairing computers, servers, networks, mobile devices and data.

Cyber security covers a broad range of digitally malice processes. From identity theft to remote access scams, there are some common cyber attacks that all business owners should be aware of:



Phishing involves an online scammer fooling a digital user into passing on personal information. You might receive an email from a fake bank employee, or someone might pose on social media as a professional company.



Hacking is when an online scammer gains access to information by taking advantage of security vulnerabilities and accessing a network or systems without authorisation.


Breaches of Data

While all cyber attacks are serious, data breaches are perhaps the most significant for a business such as a financial institution or government agency.


Remote Access Scams

Using remote access technology, a scammer can convince someone they need to enter a computer or network. By doing so, they take over control of the technology and can view private information.



Malware is a pop-up that fools the user into installing software. The hackers then access files and information.



Cryptoware is a type of malware that tricks users into making payment to unlock files or programs. Once the credit card details have been entered, they’re then used by the scammers.

*Customer Prerequisites: a current, valid Trend Micro product licence; Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7; high-speed Internet connection; and minimum 1GB memory required (2GB recommended).

System Requirements





     Internet Connection: